How Automation in Healthcare changing Healthcare?

Automation in healthcare is taking a massive turn due to the exponential rate of growth in the use of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare system making it more automatic. We all know that artificial intelligence has been slowly taking its place, especially in the healthcare industry. Thus it is increasing the automation process in healthcare.

Hospital management used to be like all manual processes in the past, now due to the advanced technology blessing, the software is being used in the hospital management which is pacing up the service of the hospital.

Healthcare Automation Meaning

Healthcare automation means the use of the automation process in the healthcare system, from management to disease diagnosis and treatment. Automation in healthcare will substantially increase the quality of healthcare without any doubt.
Artificial intelligence is driving the automation process in the healthcare system. The quality of healthcare is one of the most important aspects of a healthcare facility. Electronic Health Record (EHR) is one of the biggest examples of the automation process in the healthcare system.

Benefits of automation in healthcare

Automation has various advantages in the healthcare system. The first and foremost would be the increased quality of the healthcare facility.

Quality care

Automated processes are not subjected to human error which means a greater rate of accuracy. The automated process would be more accurate. Electronic Health Record (EHR), enables to store the health records electronically. EHR stores data like medical history, patient progress, medication, and some other important stuff. This facility of EHR enables features like follow up, close monitoring, reminders, etc. which is increasing the quality of patient care.

Automation reduces cost

Automation enables a situation where labor costs can be reduced. Automation reduces the numbers of worker needed to maintain the service which usually cut down the cost by a pretty solid amount.

Increased Productivity

Healthcare always had a shortage of proper workers. Removing healthcare workers from heavy resource administration tasks would enable healthcare to utilize its manpower on a more clinical basis. This would certainly increase the productivity of the professional as they would be available to provide more time for the patient’s care.

Healthcare Automation Solution

Currently, healthcare is stuffed with a rising number of patients where it is really difficult for the limited number of healthcare stuffs to handle the immense pressure of the patients. Thus, it creates situations where getting a doctor’s timely appointment, and follow up is congested. That is where automation comes really handy;

Appointment Scheduling

Automated appointment scheduling can free up a lot of hassle by analyzing the time, cost, location, availability of the doctor, and reminding the patient if the appointment gets cancel due to any emergency. A pretty rigorous process can be solved and maintained by the automation process easily which also ensures a better appointment scheduling system and free up the patients from further hassles.

Better Care Delivery

Automation increases the speed and accuracy of care by eliminating the need for manual input. Machine learning’s predictive data analysis analyzes and extracts medical data and provides a warning, solution, and care alerts for specific patients and all these by automated means. This process ensures better care for patients receiving healthcare services.

Insurance Claim Management

Automation can play a role and can ease the insurance claim issue in greater aspects. There are already Start-Ups in the USA that are using robotic process automation in the whole insurance process from filling insurance data to speed up the processing claims.
There are plenty of automation processes available to be implemented in the healthcare system as new ideas are coming up to ease the automation process in the healthcare industry. Automation has already taken someplace in the healthcare system and the utilization of automation is increasing every day.
Quality patient care is one of the most important elements of our life. Automation is certainly going to increase the quality of healthcare, in terms of patient care, better care delivery, hassle-free appointment scheduling, etc.

Disadvantages of automation in healthcare

Risk of losing Jobs

The fear of losing jobs to machines has been a prime concern while adapting the automation in healthcare. Healthcare professionals associated with administrative tasks may lose jobs due to the automation process.
Although the healthcare industry always had the lacking of trained professionals, if automation eases up the administrative task, and free up professionals from administrative duty then more people could be assigned to the service of patients which would pace up the healthcare service.

High Capital Investment for automation

Automation mostly requires a pretty substantial amount of investment in its initial start which could be problematic. Although after the first initial stage, the cost of maintenance is pretty low but still it initial stage of automation is costly which one of the negative sides of automation.

Will healthcare become fully automated by robots?

This is a question often gets into people’s minds as machines taking a big part in the healthcare system from administrative tasks to medicine development and disease diagnosis. Yes, the use of the automation process will be more mainstream in healthcare in the near future and will ensure a better healthcare facility for sure. But, it will never be able to replace humans completely as the patient and doctor’s interaction is still one of the major issues in treating patients. Patients will always be more responsive to human care rather than only robotic care which ensures that healthcare will never be FULLY AUTOMATED by robots.


An upgrade is essential in every form of life. Healthcare has always been more adaptive to technology than most other sectors. Automation in healthcare is going to ease the healthcare service to a greater extent with all its features.

A fully optimized automation can boost up the healthcare service by freeing the healthcare professional from hefty works to more clinical service which will increase both the productivity of healthcare professionals along with that the quality of the healthcare will also increase.
Better quality healthcare is always recommended as what is more important than people’s HEALTH and more importantly PATIENT CARE?

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