Why Does My Phone Battery Drain Overnight?

Why Does My Phone Battery Drain Overnight? Battery draining is a painful issue, especially why would it drain overnight if I am not doing anything at all, it’s sitting idle and that’s preposterous. I have been facing the issue and dig a little deep to find out the reason. Let’s get through the painstaking reasons.

The phone’s battery drains overnight because of 3 specific reasons:

  1. Apps running on background: One of the most important reasons, apps get left on the background and that drains battery even though the display is not turned on.
  2. GPS always on: GPS consumes a lot of battery. Most of times it remains on although we may not need it that time. Turned on GPS condition drains battery even on situation where display is not on.
  3. Exceeded Charging cycle of battery: All the battery of every phone has some charging cycles. If a battery of a phone exceeds its charging cycle lets around 500 charge cycle, it usually reduces the battery capacity around 20% and may cause the battery to drain without reason.

These are the major reasons behind the battery drainage issue. When the battery or phone becomes old it usually starts to show drainage issues sometimes. Even for new Smartphones, it is quite normal to drop a few points of charge but if it is dropping around 25 to 30% of charge overnight then there is a reason to worry about the battery’s health.

How much battery drain is normal overnight?

Around 10% of battery drain is normal overnight due to its background apps processing. There are certain apps that run in the background and drain some battery. There is nothing to worry about if the draining percentage of your phone’s battery fluctuates around 8-12%.

If it’s draining more than 30% of its battery life then probably there are some problem with the battery or phones software issues. In some cases, a software update of the phone system can cause the battery of the phone to drain a little faster, it happens sometimes. If that is the case for you then just wait for a couple of days for another update and your issue will be fixed.

How do I stop my phone battery from draining overnight?

First of all, a couple of percentages of battery charge loss are quite normal; if it is minimal then you should not bother with it. If it is draining a pretty sum of your battery then you can try some of these ways to see if it is working for you.

  1. Putting phone on the Airplane mode: Even when your phone is sitting idle it still runs activity like network (Cell Standby), putting your phone on airplane mode should be able to show you some changes.
  2. Restrict background apps: Background running apps are the main culprits that drain our battery and that even without us knowing as we don’t usually check what’s running on the background. To do that, you need to go to your battery usage and check which app is consuming most of your battery and then go to individual app setting and restrict background running for that specific app.
  3. Update your phone’s system software: Almost all the good branded phones offer system update on a pretty regular basis. If you are having a system related glitch that causing your battery drain faster it may get solved just after a software update of your phone.
  4. Resetting Your Phone: Well, it may not sound like a proper solution, but trust me sometimes resetting your phone could possibly stop the suddenly apparent draining issue. If your are facing the problem all of a sudden, just back up your data and try resetting your phone, if you are lucky you would not have to go through any more trouble.

How can I tell which app is draining my battery?

You can tell which app is draining your battery from the battery consumption or usage history of your phone. Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Then go the battery option
  3. Tap on the list of battery usage since last charge, here you will the apps list which one is consuming your battery.

What drains phone battery the most?

Usually, the display drains the battery the most. If you want to check, just put your display brightness on max and use your phone for some time, you will be able to spot the difference.

Along with that, keep your display brightness on a minimum level and that will help you to preserve more of your battery. Apart from that, it is quite obvious playing powerful games consumes a lot of charge of your phone’s battery. As well as powerful apps like performance checker take a lot of pressure during the handling of those apps thus consumes quite some of the charge.

How to increase your phone’s battery life?

There are a couple of things you can do to maximize or increase your battery’s health.

  1. Use original charger always: Sometimes we lost or phones original charger gets ruined and we tend to charge the phone with whatever charger we got in our house. Don’t do that, go to the store and buy an original charger of your phone. Charging your phone with other charger could potentially harm our batter’s health.
  2. Maintain a suitable room temperature: If your room temperature is more than 35 degree, then that could possibly degrade your battery. And for the lower temperature, it may not degrade your battery but could take a lot longer to get charged due to low temperature of the room.
  3. Don’t drain your battery completely: We often drain our battery to 0 and then get it to the charge. This could lead your phone to deep discharged state which could damage your battery a little. For that reason, try to charge your phone when it is on least 5-10%.

These are the measures you can take for the prolonged battery life of your phone.

To wrap things up, we have seen a revolution in Smartphone battery life. From the very first Smartphone’s 30 min long battery to, now a day’s 7000Mah massive battery with 2-3 days of battery life.

Still, some issues occur like battery draining and that could be painful as it is not always possible to shift to a new phone.

In this article, we have given an answer to “Why Does My Phone Battery Drain Overnight?”  Thus, those mentioned steps could possibly be a little helpful in alleviating your battery drain issue-related pain.

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