Top 5 Emerging Technologies for Education

According to Google for Education, 82% of US teachers think using technology better prepares students for future careers. Emerging technology for education has been playing a massive role in the digitalization of education through the use of emerging technology.

Global Market Insights estimates that $6 billion in the amount that Artificial Intelligence in the Education market set to be worth globally by 2024.

Emerging Technologies is going to rule the education sector, without any doubt. Advanced types of technology are taking place in the classroom, to shape a better, digital, and more efficient education system.

5 Emerging Technologies for Education: 

5. Virtual Reality: VR in education is revolutionary. The features of using VR in education include:

  • Contextualized Learning
  • Active Anatomy
  • Global Teleportation
  • Developed Creativity and More.

VR has a lot of advantages in education. It makes students more connected with the lesson itself with visual aids of the book’s content. It is much easier to learn through VR.

4. Gamification: The teachers choose the computer of Smartphone games so that students can learn through playing games. It has been an effective method for educating children as they learn better and faster through games with more efficiency. Games like Funbrain, Poptropica, etc. games are being used for kids learning.

3. Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality in education is gaining massive importance as its use in education is really very effective. Its features include:

  • Distance Learning
  • Efficient Learning
  • Practical Learning
  • Higher Student Engagement

AR makes learning more engaging and fun as it makes the classroom more interactive with the students. AR helps students to remember more information as these are learned with virtual examples.

2. E-Learning: It may not seem like an emerging technology as it is more of effective technology. In a situation where classroom education is difficult E-Learning making it much easier through video lesson learning. Students can learn and attend classes from home completely due to the difficulty of physical attendance of class in the institution. In Covid-19 Pandemic, the process of E-Learning is proving to be massively effective.

1. Artificial Intelligence: The most hyped and useful technology in education is Artificial Intelligence. The investment in education for using AI is massive. Billions of Dollars are in investment for AI in education.

Japan, Germany, and many other 1st world countries are providing a tremendous amount of funding in the development of AI in the Classroom. Japan is already using English Speaking-AI for improving student’s oral and writing English skills. Smart content and more personalized learning are going to improve the efficiency of the system.


Emerging technology for education is changing the shape of the current education system through its advancement. A decade earlier, classrooms were all manual with teachers and students and now technology is taking control of the classes.

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