7 Real Life Examples of Disruptive Technology

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What is disruptive technology?

The proper definition of disruptive technology is that innovative technology replaces the current technology with far superior potential. To put disturbing technology definition on more straightforward terms, would be to take the real life example disruptive technology like digital streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, slowly replacing the need of going to the theater or turning on your cable TV to enjoy a movie.

Most Disruptive Technologies 2020

Most Disruptive Technologies: Technologies over time have made the System obsolete as new technology always revolutionized the System with its more far more superiority. Even in the 2020s, one of the most significant examples would be the storm placed by E-Commerce in the industry. E-Commerce has changed every aspect of business as things moved over the internet.

Even in the pandemic of Covid-19, where physical business is struggling to cope up and keep the economy stable, e-commerce is still fulfilling people’s needs, one of the most prominent examples of disruptive technologies of all time. There will always be technologies in now and then coming up and taking down the old System, not just in 2020; even in the 2030s or 2040s, there will be new disruptive technology taking an older system down with a lot of potential in it.

7 Examples of Disruptive Technologies

From time to time, there have been so many technologies replacing the System with the superiority of the new technology. But, in the 2020’s we see some innovative technology that is the most significant example of disruptive technology. These are

Autonomous Vehicle

In the 2020s, we are going to see the revolution of an autonomous vehicle which is a massive example of disruptive technology. It has already started to dominate the current System. With the autonomous vehicle, there will be no need for any driver to drive your car. It will be completely automatic. Recently we saw, Tesla’s cyber truck with all the modern automatic features capable of doing so many things, and that’s only the start.

People are diving in with the facility of autonomous vehicles, and because of that, car companies have started to put more importance on the autonomous vehicle. As a result, a lot of new vehicles are coming with this built-in feature. The automation in transportation is a massive disruptive technology which will make obsolete the need for drivers to drive vehicles.


We all know that the current no 1, richest person in the Globe is Jeff Bezos, who is the founder of the largest E-Commerce website, Amazon, who is ruling the E-Commerce business. Although it took a pretty significant amount of time to build the current condition.

But the important fact about E-Commerce is the massive proliferation of it all over the internet. There are now plenty of companies doing business or moved their business just because of the increased demand of consumers.

The E-Commerce business has changed the course of the business significantly. Almost everything is now available over the internet, where you are just a couple of clicks away from receiving your product. E-Commerce is disrupting the need for people going to the physical market to buy stuff, one massive example of disruptive technology.

Online News Website

We may not have paid much attention to the replacement of physical paper by e-paper. People are getting more comfortable with electronic-based paper, which is available over the web.

The increasing demand for e-paper is slow, making the need for physical paper optional. It is slowly reducing the necessity of a physical piece of paper by e-paper, another example of disruptive technology.

Ride-Sharing Service

It would be unfair to call it a completely disruptive technology as the taxi service was already there in the time of the revolution UBER service. Although UBER has revolutionized the ride-sharing sector by its innovation. It is an innovative technology that changed the course of the ride-sharing service.

It has made ride-sharing much more accessible with its innovation. As UBER took place, it did not make obsolete taxi service but indeed reduced the dependence over taxis by adding the feature of private vehicles in the System.

Streaming Service

Another emerging example disruptive technology is the domination of streaming Service. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Hulu, etc. There are plenty of streaming services now taking the place of cable TV and theater. Yeah, it is still early to talk about the theater, but these services have got plenty of potentials to replace the current System.

Plenty of movies are being released over these services. The natural cable TV shows losing its appeal as these services are emerging. People’s reliability is increasing rapidly as so many streaming opportunities are provided by these services.

3D Printing

3D printing has got huge potential to disrupt the typical manufacturing system. Even a couple of years earlier, it would have been impossible to imagine 3D printed Cars, houses, and so many other kinds of stuff.

But, today we can see all these things are not imaginary but a realistic possibility which has already taken place. 3D printing will be dominating the manufacturing industry in the future without any doubt and a prominent example of disruptive technology.


In the world of finance, disruptive technology has taken place a lot earlier. A significant example includes the digital medium of payment like PayPal, Payoneer, etc. These are already old, but the cryptocurrency has been trying to make its way in the finance for the past couple of years.

It would not fair to say that it is already dominating the economics, but it has got massive potential as the cryptocurrency has one strongest feature of security. It is not very much use right now. It will take control in the future as many new cryptocurrencies are coming along, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Libra, Monero, etc.


The modern innovation is going to develop some new technologies now and then, which is the blessing of innovation. But, in order to create new innovative technology, outdated technology has to go down, which makes innovative “Most Disruptive Technologies”.

As disruptive technology holds a lot of potential and superiority over the current System, there will be new disruptive technologies shortly as those examples are not the only examples of disruptive technology present out there. There are a lot more already there and will be available to frighten the outdated current inferior System.

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