7 Awesome Technologies in HEALTHCARE

What is healthcare technology?

Healthcare technology also known as HealthTech is the use of technology for the betterment of healthcare services. Technology has been connected to our healthcare system for a very long period of time. Its impact is really huge. It is trying to ease and develop the health care system by utilizing its use in it.

7 Awesome Heathcare Technology

Health Apps:

  • Apps for Healthcare Professional : Apps like MedScape, Lexicomp, UpToDate etc. are being extremely helpful for healthcare professional
  • Apps for people’s health:  Various fitness apps are way more popular these days due to their easy use and efficient result, one can easily get the all important data for a food and track exercise records for their better of health.

Big data in healthcare:

Big data in healthcare means the collection and analyzing the data of consumer, patient’s physical and clinical data which is too vast for normal data processing.

Big Data is making healthcare administration much smoother by its use. It is helping with the cost of care measurement by reducing it , providing the best clinical support and managing  the population at risk patients. Big data is also helping professionals to analyze data from various sources which is proving to be very effective.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality technology is being very effective in the pain management for patients. VR is extremely useful for ease of pain during the labor of pregnant women as women equipped with VR headset to visualize soothing landscape which is very effective for pain relief during the labor period

Virtual Reality is also very effective during Surgery. VR’s most significant impact is in 3D reconstructions of organs in motion. The technology is especially useful when the surgeon needs to work in small spaces or under complicated conditions.

Robotics in surgery:

Some of the biggest changes have been observed in surgery due to the use of technology. Robots are now assisting doctors from some minor procedures to as big thing as open heart surgery. Robotics technology is enhancing the precision and stability of Robotic surgery . Robots are being used in specific surgery type including neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery.

Genome Sequencing:

The term Genome sequencing is gaining more attention as we can see use of genome sequencing in the research Covid19 which is causing a lot of chaos in the universe. Genome sequencing is the set of process used to determine the complete DNA sequence of a particular organism’s genome. Genome sequencing helps to understand the spread of the virus.

Wearable Technology: 

Wearable technology means the technology which consumer can use, such electronics includes smart watch, finbits etc. This device collects data of users exercise and health.

These devices can measure the blood pressure, showing ECG which is really helpful to track current body condition and risk. It makes users less susceptible to risks.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Medical Diagnosis: Diagnosis of disease requires years of medical training and still it is very time consuming. Artificial Intelligence more specifically machine learning is making huge advances in diagnosing disease, making it less time consuming and more accurate. Deep learning algorithms are very effective in this case.
  • Drug development: Development of a drug takes years of research and tons of money which Is a very lengthy process and very expensive. Analytical process involves drug development can be done more efficiently with the use of Artificial Intelligence. This really can reduce the amount of time required and also can lower the expense for the drug development.

What are the Disadvantages of technology in healthcare?

The impact of technology in the healthcare system is tremendous. It is making everything easier and more accurate but there are some bad side of it’s too.

The doctor-patient interaction has always been a prime factor for treating patients. The bond between a doctor and a patient is very important. The emotional relief requires human interaction which is not very effective through Smartphones.

Data privacy is another issue with the technology where big data requires extensive use of patient’s medical history which can harm the data privacy of patients. Along with it, cyber security is another obvious concern as cloud integrated medical devices are making it vulnerable to attacks and malwares.

The cost is another factor. The development of new technology for healthcare requires a lot of research and money for its development, making it more costly. The cost for better treatment with more precision and accuracy will be always higher than the current cost.


Technology is changing the future of healthcare and it has already started. The change it has already made is revolutionary. Though there are some drawbacks of tech in healthcare but the impact is really huge which is making the drawbacks negligible.

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