KFC Video Game Console – Too Good To Be True?

KFC Video Game Console

KFC gaming is making quite a fuss around the twitter network through its KFC video game Console. Sony revealed their Play Station 5 Console a couple of days ago, one of the most anticipated events for game lovers. And now KFC the food king has announced their gaming console device will hit the market later this year. They are now ready to storm the gaming market which was mostly between the two giants Play Station from Sony and Xbox from Microsoft.

IKFC console will be a direct competitor of Sony’s Latest Play Station 5 if they for real, release the gaming console, they are saying KFConsole. KFC Console will compete against the gaming giant Sony with its new KFC gaming console. Sony’s Play Station has been ruling the gaming market for the past decade.

So it would take a lot more than the buzz to hold a good position between the two giants of the game industry.

KFC Gaming on twitter has been creating a lot of buzz with its direct competition with play station 5. See the latest video of KFC Console, revealed by KFC gaming twitter official account,

Features of KFC Console

Although KFC didn’t reveal the exact every specification of its gaming console, it has only proclaimed that it would be

  • True 4K and 120FPS 
  • Storage 2 Terabites

Design and Shape of KFC Video Game Console

It is one of the interesting facts about the KFC gaming console is that it is a bucket-sized gaming device, from their very popular KFC bucket. It is probably the first gaming console that is coming in a bucket shape.

Here is a hilarious comment from Xbox official in the post of KFC gaming about its shape

Release date of KFC video Game Console

No new information has been revealed since its announcement in 2020, and now it’s August 2022. Given the hardware’s limitations, it’s hard to imagine the KFC Console seeing the light of day anytime soon.

What to expect?

The official account of KFC gaming has over 120k followers with another Instagram page linked to it. The account was created in August 2018 and has been posting gaming stuff from that time.

But, it is yet too early to say anything surely but as they revealed there would be something coming on 11.12.2020, but a complete gaming console maybe a little too much to be true in my opinion.

If and if, the bucket-sized gaming console, KFConsole from KFC is true, then it is quite sure that it will be giving a pretty tough competition to Sony PS, Xbox Series X, the leaders of the gaming industry.

To wrap things up,

The Video game console maybe just to heat things up, as you can see the tagline, The future of gaming which is directly associated with Sony’s PS5 tag line.

As a game lover, everyone would love to see the Video game console from KFC if that’s true, but yet there is a big doubt about it. They did not make an official announcement which makes me thinks as maybe it’s just

Too Good To Be True.

But I guess we will be getting something from KFC as all this Twitter stuff should not only be a HOAX.

Check out the Twitter account from KFC gaming for yourself.

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