What are some changes in computer technology?

Latest Tecnology in Computer: Technology in computers has changed a lot over time. From, a normal calculation to the stage of quantum computing, the revolutionary change has occurred due to the continuous upgrade in the technology that is used in the computer to bolster its efficiency.

One of the prime purposes of the first computer was calculation which intentions were to be faster than human brains where today it is being used in developing humans like intelligence or artificial intelligence. Technologies like machine learning; natural language processing has boosted the efficiency of computers to a massive level.

What is computer technologies?

Computer technology combines the activity of designing, constructing, and programming all together. The computer-based tech connects the computer-controlled device with software and computer hardware. For computers to work properly it is necessary to ensure network, programming, and other internal stuff works in synchronization with the system. It means it covers areas like network support, maintenance, software, web development, and every other thing connected with computers.

What are the latest technologies in computers?

From a vacuum tube-based computer model to today’s super-fast operating system-oriented computer, the technology has taken quite a turn in the development period.

The first hard drive IBM Model 350 disk file which was introduced with the IBM 305 RAMAC computer in 1956 only had a memory of 5 Megabyte. Over the time frame, now the storage capacity has increased to 8Terabytes with the fast service of Solid State Drive (SSD). With the above-mentioned example, we can see the technological development that has occurred over the storage of computers. Not only storage but technology has also drastically improved over every aspect of computer hardware and software.

7 latest computer technology examples:

  • Edge computing: Edge computing is bringing computing closer to the network edge. As the amount of available data is increasing rapidly it is difficult to maintain a better service and efficiency. That is where edge computing going to come handy. It will increase the efficiency of the service bringing computing close to the data and network source.
  • Internet of Things: Internet of Things is one of the most hyped topics in the market. On a simpler term, IoT is the network of internet-connected objects able to collect and exchange data without the need for any human intervention. Smart Home, Smart City, industrial IoT are some applications of the Internet of things.
  • Machine Learning: Machine learning is an application of artificial learning which works trough algorithms that enable the system by giving it the ability to learn automatically through experience and data analysis.
  • Cognitive computing: Cognitive computing combines machine learning, reasoning, natural language processing, speech, vision, etc. to mimics the functioning of the human brain so that it can perform tasks that only humans used to do. It is a pretty advanced process that combines some advanced technology.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is a pretty common term nowadays as AI is everywhere in our daily life. From Google assistance or Alexa to autonomous vehicles, Artificial intelligence is everywhere. It is becoming a major part of human lives.
  • Robotic process automation: The process of automation has quite increased over time. People are now relying more on the automation process. Robotic Process Automation refers to software or bots programmed to do a basic task like customer response and all. RPA is gaining huge importance as it could be of great help in upcoming days.
  • Cloud ComputingThe market of cloud computing is expanding sky high. Businesses are shifting over the cloud as cloud computing offers better support and service comparing to the traditional means of computing.

Well, there may be a notion that software-based tech is ruling the computer tech world and in a way, it is not deniable. But the changes that occurred over the hardware is also massive. Some massive hardware developments are

  1. AMD Zen 3 CPUs and 64-core ThreadripperIntel 10th Generation desktop CPUs
  2. AMD Navi 21
  3. Intel’s Xe Discrete Graphics Card
  4. Nvidia Ampere 3000-series graphics cards

The 8K technology with 120HZ display is changing the viewing experience with the massive hardware support from AMD, Nvidia, Intel, and other giants. The above-mentioned hardware will be released in 2020, which will take the computer experience a little higher.

The pace of development in new technology has increased substantially over time. So, every now and then we will be able to see some massive improvements, especially in the computer technology area.

Importance of computer technology

Computer technology has some pretty massive importance in your everyday life. The computer is connected to our daily life greatly, from preparing a document to the countless use of spreadsheets. Some important sector where computer technology is providing the greatest benefits are

  • Computer Tech in Food Production
  • Computer tech in services
  • Computer Tech in Entertainment
  • Computer tech in Education
  • Computer tech in Transportation

There is several significant importance of computer technology in our daily life. Although due to the widespread adoption of Smartphone’s overtime, and the availability of the same computer-driven technology over smartphones has reduced the pressure from computers to smartphones.

Computer technology related job and salary

Computer technology is an enormous sector. There are multiple jobs associated with computer technology. Although we all know that there is not any direct position as a computer technologist or something like that, it has various specific job roles.

The average salary for a software engineer in the US $109,321/yr, which is pretty higher than the average salary than other non-computer technology-related jobs.

Apart from that, computer technology has some other Job roles, here is a screenshot of other computer technology-related jobs average salary,

These are approximate average salaries for the mentioned position. Although, the salary structure is quite different based on the location and placement of the job. Giant companies like Google and Microsoft offer quite a more average salary than the low key software company obviously.

The prime motive for mentioning the salary is that computer technology offers a wide variety of jobs in the industry which gives us an approximate idea about the immense importance of it.

5 famous personalities in the field of computer technology

There are so many famous and influential people in computer technology. It is really difficult to narrow that number down. Still, some super influential personalities who have changed the course of technology are

  1. Steve Jobs: Most of the people using a Smartphone or a computer know the name of Steve Jobs. The Legend who created the tech giant company Apple along with his friend Steve Wozniak. Apple was founded on April 1, 1976, with the partnership of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Apple started a revolution in the history of the personal computer, making Steve Jobs one of the most famous people in the Computer Tech Industry.
  2. Bill Gates: One of the richest men of this planet who revolutionized the concept of an operating system by creating a Windows operating system. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft along with Paul Allen. Windows operating system is the most used operating system in the personal computer which made Bill Gates one of the Famous Pioneers of Computer Tech industries.
  3. Tim Berners Lee: He is the founder of the World Wide Web (WWW). One of the vital parts of the internet is WWW was created by the great Tim Berners Lee, one big revolution in the field of technology. He also made sure that, the World Wide Web stays accessible to everyone without any restrictions and most importantly FREE. He is one big pioneer who changed the course of the internet of creating the World Wide Web.
  4. Larry Page: Google, the most used search engine in the entire world. We cannot even think of a day without using the search engine Google in most of the cases. It has made our lives a lot easier. Larry Page along with Sergey Brin started Google in 1998 and the rest is history. The amount of impact Google carrying over the world internet made Larry Page, one of the most famous people of the tech industry.
  5. James Gosling: The name James Gosling may seem a little unfamiliar to some people in some outer range than computer science. James Gosling also is known as Dr.Java is a computer scientist who is best known as the founder and lead designer of Java programming language. Java is one of the most top and most used programming languages. He has a great impact on the tech industry.

There are plenty of other famous people in the tech area who have revolutionized the tech industry. But these people are really famous for their contribution.

How is computer tech different than computer science?

This is another often asked question. Computer science and computer tech, are the same? Well, they have got a lot of similarities but the not exactly same.

Computer Technology is a broader term than computer science.

Computer Science

Computer science deals with the study of computing, programming, and computation connected with the computer system. Computer science deals with the theory of computation, algorithms, and problems related to computation, system and application, and various other stuff.

Computer Technology

Computer technology is associated with a pretty wider term as it deals with constructing and designing and programming computers, a much wider aspect than just only computer science.

Computer technology is closely connected with information technology. Information technology covers the whole part of computer technology, although it also puts greater importance on the information.


Latest Tecnology in Computer or computer tech has changed a lot over time, especially in the last couple of decades. The changes have been pretty significant as most of the technology is changing and improving the environment. Technologies like big data are contributing to the solution of various problems. These technologies are pacing things up for the betterment of human lives.

The most technological updates are seen in the sector of computer like so many technologies are based on computer. Although smartphones and other smart devices are taking place still the technology in computer will keep rising which is pretty certain.

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