What Is SALESFORCE Communities? Why does it matter?

What is Salesforce? Salesforce communities cloud is an online-based social platform for companies where, they can create branded sites to connect their employees, customers, and partners with each other.

For starting a business, everyone needs a common infrastructure to start up their business and the startup cost of a new business is pretty expensive. It is where Salesforce comes in handy; they provide the common infrastructure for setting up your business and free you from hassles like

  • Dedicated Network Team
  • Several software for starters and most importantly,
  • Implementation of Security Architecture 

Salesforce provides these common infrastructures for starting up a business with a comparatively lesser amount of cost. They have already built infrastructure on the cloud so that any business and company could access the features by spending some money which is pretty less than the startup infrastructure cost of any new business.

Salesforce is a cloud-based platform and they provide a lot of services including

  • Salesforce automation
  • Marketing 
  • Digital Commerce
  • Community Management Analytics
  • Professional Cloud Services

Customer relationship management (CRM), for a business it is immensely important to have a healthy relationship with their customer. Salesforce enables a business to create communities for its customers where they can interact with their business provider and shares problem and feedback which improves the quality of the service.

One of the prime motives for creating a different social community apart from social media like Facebook and Twitter is that those sites can cause public exposure problems.

Any companies that dedicated to customer service must maintain better customer collaboration where customers should be able to get all the necessary help and information as maintaining a healthy customer relationship is very crucial. But when the size of companies gets bigger with their growing customer base it is difficult to keep the customers updated.

A Salesforce community offers companies the ability to efficiently collaborate with their customers, employees in a controlled and secured environment.

Salesforce Customer Communities

A customer community in salesforce is the community where the company created the community in salesforce in the specific License niche of Customer Support Community. Depending on the probable size of the community, the companies first need to get a license for their community in salesforce. The administrator can create a customer account on their behalf and then can grant them access so that they can access the community based on their user profile which was created by the company in salesforce.

One of the best things about the salesforce customer community is that administrator has so many controlling options and plenty of customization is available on the menu like,

  • Access without Login
  • Enabling Private Messages
  • Allowing members to flag content
  • Enabling setup and display of reputation levels
  • Enabling knowledgeable people on topics, etc.

Types of communities in salesforce

There are mainly 3 types of communities on Salesforce. These are

  1. Customer Communities
  2. Employee Communities
  3. Partner Communities

Based on the need a company or organization can create many communities, but those needs are mainly based on these 3 above-mentioned types.

If you need to use the community for customer service and relationship purposes you can go for customer communities or if you need to recruit an employee for a job, you can use the data-driven hiring strategy to find the perfect match for your job.

Salesforce Partner Community

It is another useful feature of the salesforce community. In a Salesforce partner community, the community allows sharing and access to the data made available for the partner. It means you can share your data with your business partner through a separate website. In the partner community, one can manage, track, and forecast partner sales.

Salesforce partner community enables a lot of features for business partners, allowing a lot of significant data accessible by the business partner, its more an efficient business collaboration with your business partner.

We have been closely connected to various communities and using communities in our everyday life. One of the most common examples would be Facebook communities and Reddit communities.

Moreover, the main difference between these communities and Salesforce communities is that salesforce communities are based on business purpose. Customers, Employees, Partners, all of them gets connected based on their business needs, it’s more like enforcing a self-service where everyone in a business niche helping out one another by providing feedbacks and being interactive with each other.

Benefits of Salesforce Community Cloud

We have already seen the usage of salesforce communities and how salesforce is playing big roles in various business developments over the cloud platforms.

  1. Cost-benefit: Salesforce could benefit a company a lot by reducing the startup cost of business as salesforce integration is less expensive than a normal installation of infrastructure for new business development.
  2. Development of a better customer relationship: For any business, customer relationship is most vital as a business is not just an onetime transaction. In the Salesforce customer community, customers interact with each other, help one another for a similar problem in the forum, and business developers are always there to support the customers upon any of their problems and services.
  3. Product Development: As people interact with each other and discuss problems and provides feedback which is really beneficial for product development and to understand people’s expectations as to what features they want to see in the product. A lot of information can be gained and analyzed from those communities and those could help in building a better product for the customers.

To Wrap Things Up

In the cloud technology industry, Salesforce is a very popular name. According to Forbes, Salesforce is now dominating the CRM market with a market share of 19.5% which indicates the facts of their popularity.

Salesforce is one of the biggest and most successful; American Cloud computing company which is still growing rapidly.

Mark Benioff, the CEO, and Co-founder of Salesforce put together a team to create a platform that would eliminate the need for businesses to use software for managing their customer relationship and that platform is now among one of the biggest cloud-based platforms in the world.

What is Salesforce? Salesforce is a tech giant in the tech industry which was founded by Mark Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce who was then a Vice-President of Oracle and left Oracle to create the Salesforce Platform.

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